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Weekly Team Blog

Beat the Heat on the Course


A Summer Golf Survival Guide

If you live in central Florida, you know that one of the perks is having year-round access to the outdoor activities that you love, like golf … that is … if you can stand the brutal heat and humidity of summer. The climate that we experience here can make even the most avid golfer reconsider booking a tee time. Here are our top suggestions for things that you can do to help stay comfortable while enjoying your time on the course this summer.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY.When picking your attire for summer golf, go for items that are lightweight, moisture wicking, and light colored.

Most of us probably think cotton when we are considering lightweight, summer clothing options. Cotton does fit this description; however, it is not quick drying. Instead, look for clothing made from synthetic fabrics that include the words “moisture wicking” on their labels. Manufacturers have made leaps and bounds in the last few years when it comes to performance athletic apparel. Many major brands (that we carry in our pro shop!) like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor offer options that are specifically designed to breathe, and wick sweat away from your body to help keep you dry and cool as you play. Lastly, you’ll want to choose lighter-colored clothing options. While dark colors may be your go-to for work or casual events, picking lighter colors that reflect light and absorb less heat will ensure your comfort on the course.

HYDRATE. Hydration is important during any round of golf, but during the summer it can mean the difference between a great round of golf or a trip to the local emergency room for heat-related illness. Be sure to carry and drink plenty of fluids – water or sports drinks (that include electrolytes) are best.

INVEST IN THE RIGHT ACCESSORIES. Carrying more gear might not be ideal but having the right “extras” can make a world of difference. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, personal fan, cooling towel, insulated tumbler, and cooler for additional ice & drinks are all great items to have to ensure your comfort.

PLAY EARLY … OR LATE. If possible, book earlier tee times before the day heats up. Mornings are typically a little cooler, and obviously more comfortable to play in. If an early tee time is not available and you still want to get a few holes in, book a 9-hole round for late afternoon, or early evening to take advantage of the setting sun and added shade.

Golfers understand that heat and humidity are just part of the game during warmer months. Being prepared with proper clothing, adequate hydration, the right accessories, and selecting the best tee time when you hit the course are vital to guaranteeing a more comfortable experience.

How do you beat the heat on the golf course? Visit us on Facebook and leave a comment with your favorite ways to stay cool.

- Cassidy McCorkle, Memberships & Administration