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Weekly Team Blog

Happy Mother's Day, Eaglebrooke!


We're thankful for all the Mama's out there.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend, Eaglebrooke!

(Gentlemen, if you forgot, here’s your reminder to stop by Publix for a card & a bouquet of tulips on your way home.)

Our team agrees that Mother’s Day has morphed over the years into a truly meaningful holiday for all of us. While many of us do not celebrate with our biological mothers, we use this special day to show appreciation for the caring women who fill that mothering role in our lives!

A quote that I found describes a Mother as “a person who loves unconditionally, the maker & keeper of precious memories, a person much loved & greatly admired”.

We love that families come in all shapes & sizes. Mother’s Day encompasses not only biological parents, but also stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts, foster mothers, and moms of four-legged fur kids! This holiday includes those who want to become a mother one day, and even for those who don’t, this day can still hold a special meaning! We especially want to use this day to treasure the memory of mothers who have passed on—the impact that a mother has on us is for a lifetime.

At our Mother’s Day Brunch event this Sunday, we want to honor all of the mother figures in our lives and in yours! We hope to be a part of your Mother’s Day tradition for many years to come.

- Ivy Myers, Director of Sales