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Weekly Team Blog

Top 5: Must Have Items on the Golf Course


For this week’s post, when I took a poll to create my Top 5 List, it quickly turned into a list of Top 15! Who knew the average golfer packed so much stuff to head to the course? John, Cody, Ryan & Brad pointed me in the right direction to present to you: Our top must-have items for an afternoon on the golf course.

5. Clubs, Golf Balls, Tees, Gloves, and a Range Finder!

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way—how could you confidently walk up to the tee box if you’re missing your clubs, golf balls, gloves, and tees? From what I understand, at least one Range Finder is necessary for the group, but most avid golfers have their own these days! And of course, if you’ve forgotten something (or plan to need an extra sleeve of balls on a windy day) our Pro Shop team is happy to supply you with the necessary golf gear to start your round!

4. Golf Shoes, Hat and/or Sunglasses!

Does “dress well, play well” apply to golf? The guys all agreed that regular old tennis shoes just won’t do, and you won’t be able to see your shot with the sun in your eyes! Be sure to wear your best golf threads and pack your comfiest golf shoes if you expect you might have to take a walk through the woods.

3. A Cooler!

Our players might not appreciate me tattling on them, but I think we’re all aware that recreational golf is played best with a cocktail in hand! Our golf carts have coolers attached and our beverage cart girl is happy to load it up with a beverage of your choosing. (Please drink responsibly)!

2. Cash!

Whether it’s to tip the staff or to pay your partner for a bet gone wrong, the guys agreed that unless you’re bringing your A-game, you had better bring your wallet! Unfortunately, we do not have an ATM in the clubhouse, so be sure to plan accordingly next time you visit us!

1. Speaker!

My personal favorite on the list—you gotta bring the tunes! Professional tournaments won’t allow this distraction, but especially if you are amongst our younger crowd who are playing for fun, you won’t want to forget a Bluetooth speaker for your afternoon outing! We promise not to judge your taste in music.

I think that just about covers it! We hope you feel extra prepared for your next round with us. Contact the Pro Shop for tee times & rates!

-Ivy, Director of Sales, The Club at Eaglebrooke